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Learn to evaluate and improve business practices from a biblical worldview with sound scientific and financial knowledge while becoming a qualified, educated business manager with this business degree. Areas of study include recognizing and analyzing ethical problems, defending resolutions for practical situations in accounting, management, and marketing, and recognizing how domestic and global variables may impact organizational decision-making.

The Young School of Business has a mission of combining a full-time, teaching faculty with an academic program that challenges students in a community of learning. All courses are built on a biblical worldview. We believe this approach produces well-informed, ethically sensitive, and academically prepared graduates. The School has graduated hundreds who have succeeded in various managerial and leadership positions in the United States and overseas.

The School concentrates its resources on an undergraduate program that emphasizes teaching and a close, caring relationship with students. Learning and free inquiry from a Christian perspective provides an environment where students are encouraged to become sensitive and productive members of society, able to respond to the demands of a rapidly changing world. The central curriculum, required of all students in the University, provides a broad knowledge and understanding in the areas of the humanities, the natural sciences, and the social sciences. This central curriculum requirement combined with the business core curriculum, required all business students, to give students a solid foundation in the liberal arts as well as the business disciplines.

The professional concentrations in accounting, economics/finance, management/marketing, and general business provide specific skills for understanding and functioning in organizations and offer a basis for a lifetime of professional growth and development in a global environment. Therefore, students completing the business program at Louisiana Christian University are characterized by their:

  • Sense of personal values and social responsibility developed through courses in values and business ethics.
  • Creativity in decision-making enriched by participation in casework and business simulations.
  • Oral and written communication ability strengthened by formal courses in communication and the opportunity to make formal and informal presentations.
  • Analytical decision-making skills developed in courses using quantitative methods and problem-solving.
  • Immediate productivity resulting from internships, real-world examples, and guest speakers who relate academic material to existing organizational problems.
  • Interpersonal skills developed through working with groups in classes as well as social and professional organizations.
  • Ability to succeed in graduate school because the focusing of all faculty, physical and financial resources on the teaching of undergraduates has resulted in solid, academic course work.

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