Recreation Services

Intramural Sports

Louisiana Christian University Recreational Services offers a variety of both team and individual sports as well as other recreational events. Sports are played in tournament and season formats. Season sports include: flag football and volleyball for the fall semester and basketball, and slow-pitch softball for the spring semester. Tournaments vary each year and typically include: ping pong, badminton, indoor soccer, ultimate frisbee, disc golf, spike ball, dodge ball, kickball, and more. Events also vary each year and are usually recommended by current LCU students.

Each semester the champion of each season's sport will be provided an opportunity to compete at the LCIRSA State Tournament against other colleges and universities around the state. The location of each tournament is at a pre-determined school but varies from year to year.

The Louisiana Athletic Club is also available for students during the school year. You must have a valid student ID to enter. Click here for more information.

Rule Books:

Registering for Intramurals

To participate in any sporting events, students must sign up through

Follow these steps:

  1. Create an IMleagues account. (You can sync Facebook and other social media outlets)
  2. In the top left corner, add yourself to the Louisiana Christian University Network
  3. Electronically sign a waiver on the homepage
  4. For team captains:
    1. Select the sport in which you wish to enter
    2. Create your team
    3. Add or invite teammates
  5. For other players:
    1. Accept or email invitation and follow steps 1-3 to add yourself to the roster
    2. Or accept the invitation on your IMeagues account

Contact us:

Michaela Jordan, Director of Recreational Services                                            

Telephone: (318)487.7195

Hixson Student Center, Student Support Services Suite, 3rd Floor