Wellness Programs

Louisiana Christian University is a vital part of the Pineville and Central Louisiana communities, and the college strives to give back to the communities that nurture the school so generously. As part of the school’s commitment to being a positive resource to the community, Louisiana Christian University offers several opportunities for community members to be involved with campus events.

On this page, you will find several opportunities for the community to be involved on campus. The events and programs listed here will change periodically, so check back regularly. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

Contact Information:

Sonia C. Tinsley, PhD, CHES
Department Chair of Health & Exercise Science

Ongoing Programs & Events

Join Us for Walktober

WHAT IS WALKTOBER? Walktober is a physical activity challenge. Track your steps or minutes of physical activity from 10/1/23 – through 10/31/23.

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE IN WALKTOBER? Anyone! HOW WILL IT BE A FAIR CHALLENGE? For each age group, we will find the total number of steps and divide by the number of participants to get each age group’s average. The participant with the highest step average for each age group will be the winner. Adult (Ages 25-54) · Senior (Ages 55+) · Students (Ages 13-24) · Youth (Ages 10-12)

HOW DO I TRACK MY STEPS? You can use a fitness tracker if you have one or an app on your smartphone. Indicate how many steps or minutes you go each day on the Walktober log.

DO OTHER TYPES OF PHYSICAL ACTIVITY COUNT? Yes, all types of physical activity can be converted to steps. See the step equivalency chart for more information.

HOW DO THE AWARDS WORK? There will be awards for the top three overall participants along with awards for each age group with the most steps.

HOW DO I RECORD MY STEPS/MINUTES? Each week, participants will receive an email with a link to log how many steps/minutes they have recorded for the week.

WHO DO I CONTACT FOR MORE INFORMATION? Health & Exercise Science Department at Louisiana Christian University.

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Parrish Fuller Fitness Trail

Step It Up, CENLA!

The Health & Exercise Science faculty and students will provide the community (i.e., local churches, schools, businesses, and other organizations) with Physical Activity Workshops. Education on the benefits of physical education, information on the equipment available at the fitness trail, and help with coordinating and organizing walking/workout groups will be included in the workshops. The department will also be providing orientations at the Parrish Fuller Fitness Trail on the use of exercise equipment and the distance around the trail. Weekly workout sessions will be offered throughout the fall, spring, and summer semesters.

In an effort to providing meaningful experiences for you and your community, please take less than 5 minutes to answer questions about today’s visit. Your feedback is important.


Walk. Run. Dance. Play. What's your move?

Everyone needs physical activity to stay healthy. But it can be hard to find the time in your busy routine.

The Move Your Way® tools, videos, and fact sheets on this page have tips that make it easier to get a little more active. And small changes can add up to big health benefits!

No matter who you are, you can find safe, fun ways to get active — to move your way.