Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment Courses offered by Louisiana Christian University:

Louisiana Christian University is pleased to offer the following courses as Dual Enrollment Options under the TOPS Core. These courses qualify for tuition at the discounted Dual Enrollment rate. Other courses may be taken at Louisiana Christian University as a dual enrollment student with the approval of the student’s high school guidance counselor and permission from the instructor or Dean/Division Chair for the department in which the desired course exists. Courses that do not appear in the list below shall be charged at the standard tuition per credit hour, and not at the discounted dual-enrollment rate. Remedial Courses are not offered for the Dual Enrollment Student. Note that not every course will be offered each semester.

These courses are appropriate for students to take on their own campus via a school proctor or at home. Because our virtual dual enrollment courses are taught and facilitated by our faculty, with the majority holding terminal degrees, the proctor is not required to have a degree in the course-specific content area. (Online proctored exams may have an additional fee.) This approach is ideal for private Christian institutions, which seek to offer multiple values and faith-integrated college-level courses at their institutions.

A student who elects to take online dual enrollment courses from Louisiana Christian University must be a Senior with a 2.75 GPA or a Sophomore or Junior with a 3.0 GPA, and all must have a composite ACT score of at least 19. On-campus dual enrollment at LCU is reserved for Juniors and Seniors. To take English 101, the student must earn an English ACT score of at least 18, and for Math 111, they must earn a Math ACT score of at least 19.

For more info, please contact admissions@lcuniversity.edu or call 318-487-7259.

Note: courses may be taken face-to-face on campus or online, and they are not offered every semester in the same modality.

Contact Admissions for more information and pricing!

Dual Enrollment Courses 2022-2023

Course Credit Hours
EN 101—Composition I3
EN 102—Composition II3
EN 200—Survey of British Literature3
EN 201—Survey of American Literature3
FR 101—Intermediate French3
SP 101—Intermediate Spanish3
CA 150—Modern Communication3
HI 104—Western Heritage3
HI 105—American Heritage3
HI 221—American History I3
HI 222—American History II3
PS/CJ/HI 225 American Government and Politics3
AR 200 - Art Appreciation3
CM 250—Cinema Appreciation3
TH 200—Theatre Appreciation3
MU 200—Music Appreciation3
BI 101 - Introduction to Biology3
BI 102—Introduction to Biology Lab1
ES 103—Intro to Earth Science3
ES 104—Intro to Earth Science Lab1
CH 131 Chemical Principles for Allied Health3
CH 131 Chemical Principles for Allied Health Lab1
MA 111—College Algebra3
CJ/PY/SW 223 - Social Problems3
GE 201—World Geography3
EC 221—Macroeconomics3
EC 222—Microeconomics3
PY 220—Intro to Psychology3
HP 100 Personal Fitness1
HP Activities1