The Department of Media & Communication

"In keeping with a rapidly changing media landscape, the Department of Convergence Media seeks to instill students with a diverse skill set in one of three concentrations: Journalism, Media Production or Sports Media."

Department Information

Students learn up-to-date writing, reporting and broadcasting techniques as well as cutting-edge visual and online skills from faculty whose expertise has been developed in both academic and professional settings. Due to our small class sizes, LCU students get immediate, hands-on experience from their first year in the program.

Additionally, our students are challenged with the need for higher “intangibles” among media scholars and professionals – those that extend beyond having a computer and access to the Internet. Objectivity, ethics, media theory and law are a major focus of the LCU Convergence Media experience. What better place to do that than at a Christian college, where a commitment to Jesus Christ gives our students the ideals that make a truly excellent media professional.

Within the Department, Communication Studies is offered as a major area of study as well as a minor to complement other academic disciplines. The Department, in collaboration with the Department of Theatre, additionally offers a Speech Education minor for students seeking a career in secondary education. For students interested in debate, the Department is also home to LCU’s Debate program.

The learning approach to the study of communication at Louisiana Christian University is that of comprehension, adaptation, and application. These approaches share a common heritage in the classic Trivium learning model, as advocated by such classic scholars as Plato and Aristotle. Students are exposed to multiple communication theories across a host of contexts. Once students are equipped with an understanding of theoretical concepts, they then learn how these concepts are adapted and subsequently applied in varied situations throughout society. This approach is beneficial whether a student seeks to be more competitive in the job market or pursue further academic study.

Consistent with the mission of Louisiana Christian University, Departmental faculty additionally emphasize the role of faith in communication. Students in the Communication Studies program are educated in the pragmatics of human communication in a way that highlights Christ as the Chief communicator.

Degrees & Programs

Convergence Media Opportunities

Regardless of specialized concentration, Convergence Media students develop diverse media skills through participation in multiple media platforms. Students will find the proper place to develop their media skills through:

Known as “the voice of Louisiana Christian University,” KZLC is a low power, educational radio station that broadcasts 24 hours per day, seven days a week. Participation is open to all students to serve as DJs, announcers, and programmers. Additionally, Convergence Media students have ample opportunities to learn how to do radio news, as well as play-by-play for LCU Wildcats sporting events. Follow KZLC on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Wildcats Media
In keeping with an ever-changing media landscape, in 2009 we transitioned away from a traditional print newspaper to an online news platform, Written, edited, and published by student staff members, under the direction of a faculty adviser, our website provides a laboratory experience for the development of journalistic skills. Follow Wildcats Media on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. For more information, call (318) 487-7496.

Wildcat Weekly Minute
Throughout the entire academic year, the Wildcat Weekly Minute is played before Thursday morning chapel services to give a glance of events occurring on the LCU campus. Speaking of chapel, ours is recorded each week by a team of students running multiple cameras, audio, Pro-presenter and other broadcast components.
Louisiana Christian University now streams over the Internet key sporting events including all LCU home football games. Select soccer, basketball, baseball and softball webcasts are streamed as well. Students serve as the broadcast team by running cameras and other components of a multi-camera broadcast.


The Department of Communication Studies is home to LCU’s award-winning debate team.  Whether a student has formal debate experience or is a newcomer to the practice, LCU Debate offers an excellent opportunity to continue honing communication skills prized by employers and organizations alike. Utilizing a Christ-centered approach, LCU Debate promotes a sense of community through the development of healthy competition and a clear commitment to professionalism. LCU Debate welcomes all volunteers.

For more information, please contact Brian Manuel at or 318-487-7597.

Many essential life skills are among those you will learn as a member of the debate team.

  • Knowledge – You will learn about current events in your area and world, politics, the economy, science and much, much more.
  • Persuasion – You will be better equipped to form a cohesive argument, which will make you more confident in convincing people.
  • Cooperation – Debate is a team sport. You rely on others. They rely on you.
  • Critical Thinking – You have to think fast. The training requires you to analyze a problem deeply and quickly.
  • Focus – It’s noisy and the clock is ticking. You will learn how to focus under extreme pressure.
  • Organization – Honing organizational skills is key to efficient, hassle-free debate presentation.
  • Responsibility – Everyone works on the research needed to make a successful argument. Everyone is responsible for the win or loss.
  • Note-taking – You will get better and faster at taking good notes because it’s necessary for the rapid speaking requirement in debate.