Al Quartemont, MA

Al Quartemont, MA

Coordinator, Department of Convergence Media


About Alan Quartemont

Alan Quartemont is an assistant professor of convergence media, specializing in journalism. A native of Wisconsin, he earned his bachelor‚Äôs degree in broadcast journalism from Marquette University and a master‚Äôs degree in communication from the University of Louisiana-Lafayette. After several years as a news anchor and eventual news director of KALB News Channel 5 in Alexandria, Quartemont began teaching full-time at LCU in 2009. Quartemont teaches classes within the Department of Convergence Media primarily focusing on areas of broadcast journalism and sports media coverage. With more than 25 years experience in journalism and broadcasting, Quartemont brings a wealth of professional expertise to the Department of Convergence Media.¬† As a long-time broadcast professional, Quartemont‚Äôs teaching philosophy focuses on the practical aspects of journalism. In keeping with the current age of media convergence, Quartemont stresses the need for students to be ‚Äúgeneralists‚ÄĚ as opposed to ‚Äúspecialists.‚Ä̬† Students must be equipped with a diverse skillset to excel in today‚Äôs ever-changing digital media environment. To that end, he developed, which allows students in the Convergence Media program to write, edit, and produce content for online multimedia news, much of which serves as a student news source for the LCU campus and community. Quartemont continues to be active in local media, co-hosting a daily political news program, Talk Back, on 970 AM KSYL.¬† He also serves as pastor at Sherwood Baptist Church in Tioga.

Academic Programs

  • BA Convergence Media: Journalism Concentration
  • BA Convergence Media: Media Production Concentration
  • Sports media concentration (adviser for sports media majors)