Department of Mathematics


Mathematics is deeply rooted in the liberal arts education as one of the traditional disciplines, and remains the backbone for many areas of study, including the sciences, computer technology, engineering, and the social sciences.  The mission of the Mathematics Department is provide excellent training which challenges and empowers our students to be lifelong mathematical thinkers. We strive to prepare our majors and minors for graduate work, for teaching, or for entering the workforce.

As a component of the Central Curriculum, the Mathematics Department teaches basic mathematics coursework designed to foster critical thinking skills through problem-solving and to provide foundational math skills for everyday life.

Department Information

The Department of Mathematics offers degrees which combine standard principles of mathematics, both theoretical and applied, with progressive computational technology.  Computers and graphing Calculators are integrated into all levels of instruction.  The curriculum is designed so the student can build skills and acquire knowledge in the various disciplines of mathematics.

Some students choose to pursue teaching at the junior high and high school levels.  Others choose graduate study in mathematics aimed toward research or teaching careers. The mathematics curriculum provides a strong foundation for career paths in technical fields such as business or actuarial science.

Degrees & Programs