Department of Biology


TheĀ missionĀ of the Biology Department is to thoroughly train students in the basic areas of biology at the organismal, organ/system, tissue, cellular, and molecular levels. This training prepares our graduates for successful entry and achievement into graduate schools and professional schools of medicine, veterinary medicine, optometry, physical therapy, occupational therapy, physician assistant, pharmacy, and medical laboratory science.

As a service department for students fulfilling their central curriculum science requirements in biology, our purpose is to relate general biological principles to the non-science major with the intent of igniting interest in the sciences.Ā  The biology department seeks to help create a community of learning and free inquiry, presenting a thorough academic program that recognizes Jesus Christ as the creator and sustainer of all life.Ā  The department requires engagement in which teacher and students work together to integrate liberal arts and career education, leadership and service, faith and learning

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Dr. Wade Warren, Biology

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