Wade Warren, Ph.D.

Wade Warren, Ph.D.

Coordinator Department of Biology; Professor of Biology


About Dr. Wade Warren, Ph.D.

Dr. Warren, Professor of Biology, has authored several articles and been an invited speaker at regional, national and international conferences. The endowed Cavanaugh Chair in Biology at Louisiana Christian University was awarded to Dr. Warren in 2000.
Dr. Warren has 27 years of teaching experience in higher education, beginning with teaching labs and serving as a guest lecturer while a graduate student at Texas A&M University. Since coming to Louisiana Christian University in the fall of 1996, he has taught lecture and lab courses in zoology, anatomy, physiology, histology and neuropsychology.
Dr. Warren has extensive training in research techniques used in neuroscience.  He has done survival surgical procedures including pinealectomies, brain lesion studies and extensive neuroanatomical tract-tracing.  Species studied include rats, sparrows, chickens and alligators. Since joining the faculty at Louisiana Christian University, Dr. Warren has developed skills in non-invasive recording techniques of many of the electrical outputs in humans.  These include EEG (electroencephalogram), EMG (electromyogram), ECG (electrocardiogram) and GSR (galvanic skin response).  He has also facilitated student learning in gross anatomy lectures and labs at the Louisiana State University Medical School in New Orleans.
He is married to Dr. Christy Trahan Warren, and they have two daughters, Casey and Chloe, and one granddaughter, Lucy. 
Dr. Warren’s hobbies include fishing, playing golf, and Hebrew language studies.


  • Post-Doctoral Studies, Georgia State University
  • Ph.D., Neurobiology, Texas A&M
  • B.S., Biology, Louisiana Christian University

Academic Programs

  • BS Biology
  • BS Biology Education

“Our faith informs our learning. Our faith drives us to excellence … I am profoundly grateful for a place like Louisiana Christian University.”