Theatre of Louisiana Christian University presents Bus Stop

By Carmen Taffi, Wildcats Media

Theatre of Louisiana Christian University opens its first play of the 2021-22 season this Thursday with the drama “Bus Stop,” which is a complex story filled with both humor and romance.

Guest director Samantha O’Banion, a 2021 LCU Theatre graduate, said that pulling off such a multifaceted storyline requires a lot of balance from the actors.

“All my actors are very talented and capable of pulling off this show,” O’Banion said. “I believe it will be spectacular.”

“Bus Stop,” written by William Inge, is set in a rural diner in Kansas about 25 miles west of Kansas City, Missouri. A huge snowstorm hits and causes people to seek shelter in a diner until the road is clear.

Grace Hoylard (Carmen Taffi) is the owner of the diner where the story takes place. Elma Duckworth (Oliva Huffman) is a high school student who works at the diner. Carl (Austin Tinsley) is driving a bus with four passengers at the time of the snowstorm. The four passengers on the bus include: Dr. Gerald Lyman (Aaron Quartemont), Cherie (Colleen Andrews), Bo Decker (Caleb Williams) and Virgil Blessing (Dustin Morace).

No one knows when the road will clear, not even the sheriff Will Masters (Campbell Griffing). Come see what happens to this unlikely group and join us in experiencing “Bus Stop” at 7 p.m. on Sept. 23-25 and Sept. 30-Oct. 2 in MPAC.

Tickets are $5 for LCU students, faculty and staff; $12 for senior citizens and non-LCU students; and $15 for general admission. Groups of 10 or more can attend for $10. For additional information on ticket purchases, call 318-613-4064 or visit the tLCU ticket website.