LCU fall revival runs through Thursday on campus

Nashville-area pastor Curtis “CZ” Zackery got real with Louisiana Christian University students Tuesday, as he kicked off the fall revival series in Revelation 3.

Zackery encouraged the audience to not get stuck in reading Revelation or any scriptures as only guidance for the future—rather what is it telling you about living your life now?

He referenced Rev. 3:1-3 and will continue through Rev. 3:1-13 Wednesday and  Thursday, at 11 a.m. in Guinn Auditorium. 

“What does what we’re reading mean for our lives right now?” Zackery said. “It is a great mistake to think scriptures hold meaning only for our life after this Earth. This letter to Sardis is like shooting a signal flare. It’s a warning, a reminder to pay attention to the condition of who we are right now.”

Zackery told students he understood the unique challenges they face as students at a Christian university—like he himself was, reminding them that the Lord knows both the outside actions and the inside heart. 

He encouraged them to “wake up,” and not just make appearances of being a Christian.

“Our hidden life must be lived for God or our public life won’t bear fruit,” Zackery said, referencing a recent book he read. 

“Curtis Zackery is one of LCU’s favorite speakers,” said President Dr. Rick Brewer. “We know from previous times of ministry CZ will challenge all with the claims and power of The Gospel of Jesus Christ. How blessed to serve at a university that makes it a priority to provide thier campus with an extended time of spiritual renewal.”

Zackery, known as “CZ,” is the author of Soul Rest: Reclaim Your Life. Return to Sabbath. 

He has worked in ministry for more than 15 years, delivering a gospel perspective that is raw, accessible and relevant to college students and all audiences.

“I think CZ is a phenomenal speaker and when he comes here, I love it every single time,” said journalism major Victoria Watson, a junior from New Iberia. “It was a great choice for him to be at revival because it will make more students want to hear the word of God. “ 

Watson said having an opportunity for every student on campus to learn more about Christ in a three-day setting strengthens the university’s mission and students’ faith.

“He connected and identified with us,” said Noel Schonhoff, sports media senior from Slidell. “He was a student at a Christian university, too, and he was real about the struggles we face.” 

The public is invited and encouraged to attend the revival services.