LCU welcomes Boys & Girls Club’s Youth Legislature to campus March 10

By Dr. Elizabeth Christian

Pineville, LA (LCU News) — Louisiana Christian University will host the Boys & Girls Club’s Youth Legislature on campus Wednesday in Granberry Student Center.

About 50 middle-schoolers from north and central Louisiana will be on campus between 8:30 a.m. – 3 p.m. participating in this annual mock legislative session.

“I’m excited about being on Louisiana Christian University campus for the first time,” said Paula Braud, Youth Legislature program director.

COVID-19 restrictions prevented the event from being held in its normal location, the Old State Capitol in downtown Baton Rouge.

“Thanks to Senator Glen Womack, Representative Mike Johnson and President Rick Brewer,” Braud added, “we were able to bring some of the middle school students from north and central Louisiana together for this mock legislative session.”

LCU President Rick Brewer is excited to have these future Louisiana leaders on campus.

“Hosting future leaders on the campus of Louisiana Christian University is consistent with the equipping of future leaders that takes place here daily,” Brewer said. “The Mission of Louisiana Christian University compels us to prepare students for “Lives of Learning, Leading, and Serving,” which certainly aligns with the focus of the Youth Legislature. “

Braud said these students have worked hard this past school year to draft bills that are important to them. They will come together to elect a governor, speaker and president. Legislators will present and debate the passage of bills. The press corps and photojournalist will document the proceeding and we will finish with a closing statement from the elected governor. This will be followed by a bill signing and awards ceremony.

“These students leave the program having learned the legislative process,” Braud said. “They have increased their self-confidence, public speaking and leadership skills while learning how democracy works and know that they have the knowledge, skills and the power to make a difference. “