Seniors present research at 2022 C.S. Lewis Honors Forum

Sixteen seniors presented their capstone projects as part of the Louisiana Christian University’s 2022 C.S. Lewis Honors Forum Saturday.

Dr. Cheryl Clark, provost and vice president of academic affairs, recognized the students for their effort and presented them with honors medallions they will wear at commencement.

“In an age in which occupational and professional specializations are encouraged, universities risk creating generations of one-dimensional automatons, that is, students who are highly skilled in their chosen fields but are emotionally detached from the world around them. However, at today’s C.S. Lewis Honors Forum, our graduating honors students’ interdisciplinary research presentations illustrated that LCU’s Christian liberal arts education provides the biblical framework for students to gain, synthesize, and utilize knowledge from across various academic disciplines,” Clark said. “These students effectively demonstrated that not only is LCU preparing students to be Christian citizens of the world, but also to be critical thinkers, logical reasoners, articulate writers, and eloquent speakers who are able to navigate the complex problems and questions of our world.”

The students are listed below with their interdisciplinary research topics:

Taylor Girouard Doyle, of Lafayette
Psychology and Exercise Science double major
Health Promotion Program Planning and Intervention Mapping

Kylie Harless, of Pineville
Elementary Education major
The Power of Classroom Assessment to Guide Instruction

Amanda Johnston, of Modesto, California
Graphic Design major
Cheerleading Tryout Booklet 

Abigail Willis, of Elizabeth
History major
Auschwitz: Death, Dehumanization, Morality, and Tadeusz Borowski’s Collection of Stories, “This Way for the Gas, Ladies and Gentlemen”

Samantha Austin, of Hineston
Missions and Ministries major
An Exegetical Analysis of Daniel 4:29-35 

Lexie Darce, of Lafayette
Missions and Ministries major
Ministry in the Wardville Community: A Collaboration Between the Church and the Social Work Profession 

Alena Noakes, of Prospect
Convergence Media—Journalism major
A “Rough Draft of History:” The Impact of Journalism and its Evolution on Local News Delivery 

Joel Thompson, of Lafayette
Convergence Media—Journalism major
The Fight for a Less Perfect Union 

Trinity Foster, of Deville
Biology and Chemistry double major
The Resemblance of Ants to the Church 

Erich Loewer, of Crowley
Chemistry major
Discovering the Saponification Properties of FRITOS® Corn Chips 

Desiree Squires, of Rosepine
Chemistry major
Cyanoacrylate Fingerprint Analysis 

Madison McDowell, of Deville
Biology major
Heart Rate Variability and Personality Types 

Kayla Dauthier, of Jarrreau and Lacey Scarborough, of Leesville
Social Work majors
When Helping Hurts: How to Best Help Your Community Without Hurting Them 

Britain Campbell, of Many
Psychology major
Can an Antisocial Christian Exist? 

Anniken Milstead, of Jacksonville, Texas
Languages major
‘Love Thy Neighbour’ – A Christian’s Approach to Racial Injustice and Cultural Oppression through a Comparison of French and American Cultures 

Dr. Sarah Payne has served as director of the C.S. Lewis Honors Program since its inception five years ago. This was the second co-hort of students to complete the program.

“I am so proud of the hard work that these C. S. Lewis Honors Scholars have put into their interdisciplinary senior projects,” Payne said. “The passion for their calling was palpable in these presentations. I am always grateful to get a glimpse of the wonderful research, internships, and artistic activities that are happening across the disciplines here on LCU’s campus.”

LCU President Dr. Rick Brewer said the C.S. Lewis Honors students and faculty underscore the University’s commitment to be a “Great Commission” and “Great Commandment “ organization equipping servants, learners, and leaders for the 21st Century. 

“The University’s C.S. Lewis Honors students continue to be emblematic of the Christian scholarship we pursue in preparing graduates and transforming students for service in the culture-shaping venues of the world marketplace,” Brewer said. “These extraordinary students also accomplish several high-impact practices as part of LCU’s Experiential Learning Initiatives emphasizing service learning, research, study abroad and internships.” 



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