Register for the Maggie Martin Leadership Summit to be held April 25th

Former professional baseball players David and Jason Benham will be the speakers for the 2024 Dr. Maggie Martin Marketplace Leadership Summit on April 25.

The Benham Brothers are nationally acclaimed Christian entrepreneurs and best-selling authors who have started dozens of businesses and hosted a reality show on HGTV. According to their website, the show was canceled when activists pressured the network to fire them over their commitment to their Christian faith.

Choosing Christ over television fame, they have appeared on news programs on several major networks encouraging people to stand for what they believe, whatever the cost.

“The Benham Brothers’ story is one that weaves through the Fair Grounds Field in Shreveport, Louisiana to a thriving real estate empire that includes multiple companies across most of the states in the country,” said Dean of the Young School of Business Kenny Holt. “Their story will inspire all current and prospective entrepreneurs in Central Louisiana and shows how you can be true to your Christian beliefs and still be very successful.”

Today, the brothers run an online coaching series called Expert Ownership, where they train people how to serve God, thrive in business, and live a life of impact.

“We are pleased to host the Second Annual Dr. Maggie Martin Marketplace Leadership Summit at Louisiana Christian University,” said LCU President Dr. Rick Brewer. “ Indeed, the community service and philanthropic leadership of Dr. Maggie Martin and the ‘spirit’ Johnny Martin brought to his longtime leadership role with RoyOMartin are exemplified by the nationally recognized thought leaders this summit offers. Attendees will be inspired and challenged to continue providing transformational leadership in their individual places of service.”

The MMLS was established through a general donation by Natalie and Darryl Monroe as an annual spring event for business and industry leaders in Central Louisiana who live out

faith in their workplaces. It was named in honor of Natalie’s mother, an outstanding community volunteer and philanthropist.

The event will be held in the Granberry Conference Center beginning at 11:30 a.m. Pre-registration is required. To register visit the link to the  Leadership Summit on the LCU website.



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