President’s Leadership Award

Dear Friends:

As our Fall semester approaches, there may be high school seniors as yet undecided about where to attend college. For some, the financial considerations may be looming large.

Doubtlessly, among the seniors you know are those who have demonstrated Christian character and leadership abilities, as well as academic skills.  We want to reward such exceptional students who are proven servant-leaders at church, school, and community with an annual scholarship of $6,000.

To qualify, students must have a 23 ACT score and a 3.0 GPA.  Once accepted to Louisiana Christian University, awardees must maintain a 2.5 GPA and meet other participatory requirements.

Initially, this scholarship was limited to only one recommendation per church, but we are willing to consider up to three total recommendations.  LCU urges that such recommendations come from a committee rather than a unilateral decision.

The President’s Leadership Award is a strong reflection of our goal to further develop students in the maturity of intellect and of Christian character.  The standards for tomorrow’s leaders must not be compromised; rather, they must be emphasized if we will have an impact for today and the future and fulfill our Vision of Preparing Graduates and Transforming Lives.

The application deadline for this scholarship if applied to the Fall 2020 semester is May 30. For more information send email to or call 800.487.1906.

Keep Pressing On!
Rick Brewer, PhD, MBA
Professor of Management
Louisiana Christian University

NOTE: This scholarship has no basis nor relationship to athleticsleadership, ability, participation, or performance.