‘No tests, no testimony,’ Griffon tells LCU students at fall revival

Missions aren’t just across the seas. They are also across the street.

The Rev. Derek Griffon, youth pastor at Bayou Church in Lafayette, urged Louisiana Christian University students to share Jesus everywhere they go.

Griffon was the speaker for the LCU fall revival Tuesday through Thursday this week.

“You talk about what you love,” he said. “Do you go out of your way to love people who don’t look like you, smell like you, act like you?”

Speaking from Galatians I, he offered attendees passages from the life and testimony of the Apostle Paul that are still relevant today.

In Galatians, Paul speaks very honestly about his own struggles. Griffon spoke of his struggles with anxiety and encouraged students to deal with their issues—rather than constantly being distracted by the world’s offerings.

“You are the most connected generation of all time but also the most lonely,” he said. “Our problem—we don’t sit still long enough to deal with our souls. Distractions are constant now. We never deal with our issues and problems.”

He asked the crowd: “When is the last time you took a walk with Jesus? Had a one-on-one with Jesus? No music, no noise, just you.”

The truth, he said, is that many of us are scared because when we are quiet and still, we have to deal with our hearts and our consciences. It’s necessary though.

“If you were never broken in the wilderness, you’ll never be who you are meant to be,” Griffon said. “Adversity never ends. Sometimes it’s in our wrecked moments that God wants to move.”

Without a test, there is no testimony, he said.

Griffon encouraged students to be distinctive—as Paul was. Paul was not concerned about being famous. He only wanted to show the difference Jesus Christ had made in his life. Paul did this through his words and deeds.

“It’s impossible to share the Gospel without words,” Griffon said. “Sharing Jesus is not just for professionals. Wherever you are, that’s your mission field.”

And when you’ve changed from the inside out, you will behave differently. Paul went from persecuting and murdering Christians to being Christianity’s utmost advocate.

“When you’ve been transformed, your actions will show. When Paul changed, the world was set on fire.”

President Dr. Rick Brewer said “Derek Griffon is a gifted communicator of Gospel Truth, which we were blessed to experience this week at LCU. His authenticity immediately captured the minds and hearts of our students, faculty and staff. Undoubtedly, we will invite Derek back to LCU in the years ahead.”


Media Release     |     Sept. 21, 2023     |     Pineville, Louisiana
Contact: Dr. Elizabeth B. Clarke, Director of University Communications | Elizabeth.clarke@lcuniversity.edu