LCU to offer new financial literacy course using biblical approach

Melinda Martinez by Alexandria Town Talk

Louisiana Christian University’s Young School of Business is partnering with the Ron Blue Institute to use its literature in a new course this fall called Biblical Financial Management.

Financial literacy is a rarity in a university whether it is secular or Christian, said Ron Blue founder and president of Ron Blue Co., in a live video feed to a room packed with business students and faculty.

The Ron Blue Institute teaches money management skills using a biblical approach.

“You think of the church, broadly speaking, almost any time of crisis or issue that people have, one of the first places that they would probably go is to the church,” said Blue.

So much of the church is geared to meet needs such as divorce, addictions, or lifestyles except in the one area of life that everyone experiences and that’s money, he said.

“They experience it on a day-to-day basis. And it is probably more a part of life than just about anything. It never goes away,” said Blue.

But schools or churches do not speak about finances or a biblical approach to money management, he said. Students are well-prepared for professions and lives but not prepared to handle their money.