LCU hosts free ACT prep for area high schoolers

Louisiana Christian University was bustling with an additional 120 high school students last week on campus for a free ACT prep course for area high school students.

The course, which was sponsored and created by LCU, was open to students in grades 9-12 from public, private and home schools across Central Louisiana.

Dr. Shaina Goudeau, associate vice president of the School of Nursing and Allied Health, and Cheryl Bullock, PTA administrative assistant, spearheaded the ACT event by engaging in conversations with district teachers and administrators, as well as high school students, on how to best meet the needs of the students and the community.

Following conversations with students, Goudeau identified multiple aspects that mold students’ perceptions concerning ACT testing.

“Although high school students are provided a quality education through district instruction, there remains a level of anxiety regarding the ACT standardized testing,” Goudeau said. “Students not only realize the significance of obtaining a good score for improved confidence and entry into college, but they also recognize that their score could translate into improved scholarship opportunities for higher education which reduces the financial burden on them and their families.”

For that reason, LCU was intent on locating and hiring qualified instructors who have a proven history of teaching at the high school level, are considered experts in their content area, and thoroughly understand how their content translates to the testing standards of the ACT examination. All instructors of the ACT Prep course had previous experience with teaching boot camps and/or prep courses focused on improving ACT outcomes.

“LCU’s dedication to its mission statement in holding firm to the commitment of academic excellence is not only extended to students who are currently enrolled at the university but also

to high school students who plan to enroll in institutions of higher learning following graduation,” said Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Cheryl Clark. “The administration and faculty of LCU are thrilled to work alongside area high school administrators and teachers in promoting student education and better-preparing students for success on the ACT examination.”

Ben Arrington, principal of Tioga High School, said ACT boot camps provide students with an opportunity to learn strategies and information that give them the knowledge and confidence to perform to their best ability.

“This boot camp connected students with great teachers who have the expertise to deliver critical information in a short period,” Arrington said. “I cannot thank LCU enough for providing our students with this amazing opportunity.”

Summer Trapp, assistant principal of Montgomery High School, echoed Arrington’s sentiments, adding the significance of having local instructors who understand the specific needs of the students in this area.

“The ACT Prep Program provided by LCU presented an exclusive chance for Central Louisiana students to excel,” she said. “With seasoned local educators at the helm, students gained insights from instructors well-versed in both classroom dynamics and ACT preparation strategies.

“Moreover, the inclusion of a visit to a nearby college campus enriches students’ perspectives on their future pathways. By affording our students this opportunity, LCU underscores its commitment to nurturing their growth beyond high school. It reinforces to our learners that their future matters not only within the school walls but also to the wider community invested in their success.”

Students also said they found the course challenging and effective.

“It provided all information and study materials needed to help improve your scores,” said Kya Smith, of Pineville High School. “For example, a booklet full of grammar and reading tips, and teaches the breakdown of everything for you so that you can understand. I would recommend this course to anyone who would want the help and knowledge to improve your ACT.”



Media Release | Feb. 20, 2024 | Pineville, Louisiana

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