LCU business school forms partnership with Ron Blue Institute

Louisiana Christian University Young School of Business will formally announce its new partnership with the Ron Blue Institute at a press conference Tuesday, Feb. 28, at 3:30 p.m. in Granberry Conference Center.

All business faculty and students will be in attendance for this event. Business is the largest major at LCU.

This alliance will advance biblical financial literacy through the academic and professional outreach of LCU and will provide the university an opportunity to use the intellectual property, publications, curriculum and thought leadership from the Ron Blue Institute that is changing the way Christians think, act and communicate about financial stewardship.

“Partnering with the Ron Blue Institute provides Louisiana Christian University business majors with a significant marketplace leadership advantage,” said LCU President Dr. Rick Brewer. “When employers seek ethical business leaders who clearly understand and apply biblical stewardship, they will need to look no further than LCU. I can’t think of any better set of economic principles to articulate the university’s vision for preparing graduates and transforming lives.”

For five decades, Ron Blue has elevated a biblical view of financial wisdom, stewardship and generosity. LCU will access his intellectual property, subject matter expertise and consultant services to create a center for biblical financial literacy.

“In my over 50 years of working in the wealth management and financial services work I have found a biblical worldview approach to financial decision making simple, relevant to all and easily transferable,” Blue said. “It has been proved to be the most rational and sound approach to financial thinking and decision-making from Wall Street to Main Street.”

Blue said he sees great opportunity for the university students, employees, alumni and constituents to take advantage of the 10 years of work the Ron Blue Institute has done with Christian universities across the United States. The Ron Blue Institute has become a national center of thought leadership, curriculum and teaching about biblical principles for the management of finances.

“It has been my privilege to serve as the chief academic and operations officer with the Ron Blue Institute in taking intellectual property, content, courses and consulting services to many Christian universities across the country,” said Dr. M. “Larry” Lindsay. “We met and shared knowledge and information with Dr. Kenny Holt prior to his arrival at Louisiana Christian University. We continued that dialogue and knowledge sharing with the hope we could come alongside LCU in teaching biblical personal finance and helping to build a Christian financial planning program.”

Lindsay said he was encouraged again when Brewer participated in the Kingdom Advisor Annual Conference in February ’22 and has been impressed with the integrity of both Brewer and Holt.

Lindsay said he believes there is a clear alignment between the respective missions of the two organizations and looks forward to helping LCU students, employees and alumni discover wisdom for all life’s financial decisions.

Holt echoes that alignment in values.

“There is no one more respected in the field of biblical financial management than Ron Blue,” Holt said. “We are blessed to be in this alliance with him and his team at the Ron Blue Institute. It is estimated that 84% of today’s college graduates do not have the tools they need to manage their money when they graduate. In this alliance, our students in the Young School of Business will benefit from the leadership and resources from RBI.

A new course, Biblical Financial Management, will be created for Fall 2023 using Ron Blue’s literature, which will be a required course for all business students.

“In the Young School of Business, we want to ensure what we teach is rooted in God’s Word,” Holt said. “We want to integrate faith in every aspect of our students’ lives.”


Media Release | Feb. 24, 2023 | Pineville, Louisiana
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