Instructions to Recommender: Your name has been provided as a reference by an applicant seeking to enter the Louisiana Christian University MSW program. Your willingness to serve as a recommender is greatly appreciated. Our program is seeking individuals with both personal and academic qualities to meet the demands of graduate school and social work practice. Under provisions of the Family Education Rights and Privacy Acts of 1974, this applicant (if admitted and enrolled) may have access to the information provided in your letter of reference unless he/she has waived such access on the Recommendation Waiver form, which should have been indicated in the email containing this link. Please complete this rating form below.

What capacity?

Please rate the applicant in each of the following areas:

1) Intellectual ability
2) Judgment
3) General knowledge
4) Academic performance
5) Written communication skills
6) Verbal communication skills
7) Emotional intelligence
8) Stability
9) Flexibility/adaptability
10) Self-motivation
11) Initiative
12) Integrity/honesty
13) Creativity
14) Ability to empathize
15) Ability to advocate for self/others
16) Ability to work cooperatively with others
17) Leadership skills
18) Values & respects diversity
19) Overall potential to succeed

If recommend with reservations or have not recommended, please explain concerns.