‘Duck Dynasty’ Robertsons expose lies of abortion industry, share hope

Alan Robertson, the eldest son of Duck Commander Phil Robertson, and his wife Lisa spoke Monday night at Louisiana Christian University as part of the Christ, Church, Culture series of the spring semester.

The Robertsons speak around the country on pro-life issues and share their own story of brokenness, restoration, healing and family life in one of the most famous Christian reality show families in history.

Al served as pastor of White’s Ferry Road Church in West Monroe for 22 years before returning to the family business and reality show “Duck Dynasty” in its fourth season in 2012.

After regaling the crowd of mostly students and bringing everyone up-to-date on the most famous reality show Robertsons—including everyone’s favorite, Uncle Si, Al turned the conversation over to his wife to share her own painful personal experience with abortion.

Lisa said she grew up in a dysfunctional family. The youngest of three, both her older brother and sister died from struggles with drug and alcohol addiction. Her father was a recovering alcoholic by the time she was born.

At age 7, she was molested by an uncle and told to keep it a secret.

“I knew that wasn’t right, but I kept that secret until I was 33 years old,” she said.

She began searching for men who would rescue her—be her knight in shining armor—as a young teenager.

“I was looking for a Savior,” Lisa said. “I didn’t know that’s the love and acceptance I was searching for.”

Lisa got pregnant at age 16.

“I didn’t have anyone to talk to,” she said. “I told my parents. I’ll never forget the look in my Dad’s face of disappointment.”

It was her mom that told her to have an abortion, and Lisa said at the time she didn’t even know what that was.

“Even though it’s not legal in Louisiana anymore,” she told the students, “there are still states you can drive to, and I want you to know the truth. The minute you walk into those places, they tell you lies.”

Lisa recounted three lies she was told that day that changed her life forever. The nurse told her:


1. This is a glob of tissue.

2. Whenever you leave here (abortion clinic), get bedrest the rest of the day, and you’ll be fine by tomorrow.

3. When you leave here, don’t ever think about this again.


“It was all lies,” she said. “That was my baby they took out of my body. I was 16; I am 57 years old now. Every day for 41 years, I’ve thought about that.”

But, Lisa said, she became a Christian and accepted the forgiveness of the Lord, and while she still has regret, she feels truly blessed by all that God has done for her and her family.

The Robertsons have been married more than 30 years and have two daughters and six grandchildren.

Today, they are both active in the pro-life movement, which did not end with the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

“In states like Louisiana, where abortion is now illegal,” Al said, “ women need help even more now. Women are seeking out pregnancy centers and alternatives. The need for volunteers is higher in a post-Roe world, just to be there so women have someone to talk and pray with.”

And women who have sought abortion services elsewhere need to know there are post-abortion healing classes available at pregnancy centers, as well.

Lisa urged students to really seek God and pray about the tough decisions they face during college.

“You have so many great years ahead,” she said. “You’re at this great school where Christ is the center. Use your life wisely.”

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LCU thanks its co-sponsors for this C3 event: First Baptist Church, Harrisonburg; Louisiana Sen. Glen Womack; LCU Student Government Association; the Jenkins Center for Evangelism & Missions; and First Baptist Church, Pineville.