Deville student earns national Delta Mu Delta scholarship

Abigail Shields, a senior business management and marketing major from Deville, has earned a $500 scholarship award from international business honor society Delta Mu Delta.

DMD awarded 66 scholarships nationwide this year to undergraduate and graduate students based on academics, leadership qualities, character, and service to the institution and community. 

Dr. Kenny Holt, dean of Young School of Business, said Shields exemplifies those qualities. 

“She is an intelligent young lady,” Holt said.  “Because of her work ethic and servant’s heart, she naturally gravitates toward leadership positions in the School of Business.  The faculty awarded her the highest leadership award for the Young School of Business this past spring.  She accomplishes what she sets out to do with excellence.”

Shields has a GPA of 3.92 and serves as the president of the LCU Chapter of Delta Mu Delta, Wildcats for Life and the Business Student Association. She is also the parliamentarian of the Student Government Association.

In addition, Shields serves as the LCU Library Circulation student manager. 

“I first met Abigail when she would come to the library for assigned study time for her history class,” said Gayle Murrell, library circulation and administrative assistant. “Abigail was one of the only students who showed up weekly, worked on her history assignments and didn’t skip the study hour, which made me notice her.  I mentioned her attendance to her professor who spoke highly of her and stated she was one of his best students. When presented with a topic she is unfamiliar with, Abigail doesn’t just believe everything she is told as the truth and share it with others.  She will research and ask questions to make sure she is fully informed.  That shows me she cares about her reputation and being trustworthy.” 

After graduation from LCU, Shields said she plans to earn her Master of Business Administration before heading to law school and eventually entering the political arena.

“I want to make a difference,” Shields said. “I want to help make policy. I want to make change in America. Politics and lawyers get a bad name in this country, but at the same time, we still need good ones, and God gave me a very strong moral compass.”