A Letter From The President

As a Christ-centered College community, it is our collective responsibility to respect one another, to value the diversity of our community, and to keep each other as safe and healthy as possible; and, as members of the LCU family, we have a duty to live consistent with the policies and procedures designed to value and respect the lives of others and to protect and uphold the health and safety of our peers and for ourselves. Therefore, Louisiana Christian University is promoting the Wildcat Promise, a College community initiative that will ask every student, faculty, and staff member to support the preventative health measures that the institution has established for the health and well-being of all members of the College community and its guests.

As members of the LCU community, the College is asking you to accept the responsibility for managing your own actions and for creating a community where every member feels safe, respected, and valued. Therefore, we are strongly encouraging all faculty, staff, and students to be vaccinated. During the pandemic, it is imperative we support the well-being of the College community. We can best do this by agreeing to the following guidelines which provide the framework for LCU’s Wildcat Promise:

In order to protect myself, my peers, my colleagues, and the LCU community, I promise to do the following: 

  • Take responsibility for my health and the health of the College community.
  • Wear a face covering and maintain safe social distancing to protect the College community.
  • Practice good hand washing and hygiene skills daily.
  • Abide by all LCU standards, expectations, policies, rules, and regulations.
  • Monitor for the symptoms of COVID-19, and report to a medical professional and the Student Wellness Center, if I experience a fever of over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, dry cough, congestion, runny nose, difficulty breathing, chills, fatigue, muscle pain/body aches, headache, sore throat, nausea, diarrhea, or loss of taste or smell. I understand it is my responsibility to self-check my temperature daily.
  • Participate in contact tracing, testing, and isolation to preserve the wellness of the community.

LCU continues to offer an on-campus Student Wellness Center (campus nurse) to serve students, faculty, staff, and our contract service partners of Sodexo Dining Services and Jani-King are implementing comprehensive sanitization measures. The Student Wellness Center will be located on the first floor of the HealthPlex (LAC) where additional space is available for a waiting area and multiple exam rooms.

Vaccinated individuals who are exposed to COVID-19 will not quarantine unless they become symptomatic. This matter remains a "fluid" unpredictable community health issue. Therefore, the College will update and modify as needed in compliance with State and CDC guidelines.

Residential students will be required to move to a personal residence off-campus during their prescribed quarantine. When returning to campus from off-site isolation, students must be symptom-free for 24 hours and provide medical documentation to the LCU Student Wellness Center upon return to campus. Every effort will be made to provide International Students space on campus to quarantine.

Please note: The College will not provide refunds for room and board unless the residential halls are required to be closed by the CDC and/or the State of Louisiana.

Stay Wildcat Strong as we navigate the challenges of these unprecedented times.

Keep safe, pray, and Press On!

President & CEO
Professor of Management
Louisiana Christian University



  • More sanitizing stations and disinfecting wipe dispensers are available around campus.
  • Masks will be mandatory when inside buildings, except when specific exempt activities are being performed.
  • Floor decals and signage will be displayed to reflect traffic patterns and promote social distance awareness.
  • Facilities staff will continue with enhanced cleaning and sanitizing of all buildings.


  • Each course will be assessed and modified as needed to minimize risk for students and faculty. Approaches will include:
    • mandatory face-coverings
    • remote-learning options in place for each course to allow students and faculty to quarantine as needed


  • Move-in day and residence hall assignments will be modified to minimize exposure of residential students and families as they move into the residence halls.
  • Designated traffic flow patterns will be indicated for residence halls along with more sanitizing stations at access points.
  • Students will be required to wear a face covering when in common areas. Social distancing in these spaces will be encouraged by removing and rearranging furniture as need.
  • Training and signage will be used to regularly remind students about the risks and symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Students are responsible to provide their own thermometers to check temperatures daily. Any temperature of 100.4 or greater should be reported immediately to the campus nurse.
  • Residential space is limited so students will be required to move to a personal residence off campus.


  • Style of food offerings will be modified to protect staff and guests and limit the number of high-contact items.
  • Both “to-go” and “dine-in” options will be available with separate flow and exits for guests using each option.
  • The dining area will be open with a reduced capacity. Increased numbers of outdoor dining options will be placed close to the dining area to encourage outdoor seating when weather permitting.


  • Enhanced hygiene and sanitizing procedures have been implemented for facilities and equipment before and after each training session or workout.
  • Coaches must wear face coverings for any indoor sessions. Athletes will be encouraged to wear face-covering when it is feasible and social distancing is difficult.
  • High contact surfaces and shared items will be reduced when possible. Athletes will bring their own towels and water bottles/jugs with a no sharing policy in place.


Updates to the Fall 2021 plan for opening will be frequently communicated using one or more of the following messaging platforms:
  • Posted signage throughout the campus
  • Wildcat Strong webpage
  • Social media
  • LCU email
  • Wildcat Alert text messages
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