student wellness center

Student Wellness Center

It is our aim at Louisiana Christian University Health Services to promote and help maintain the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of our students, faculty, and staff. We attempt to do this through the services we provide.

These include:

  • Nursing assessment and appropriate care
  • Physician clinic (weekly on Wednesdays)
  • Health education
  • Blood Pressure Screening
  • Blood Glucose Screening
  • Immunizations (available for a fee)
  • Hepatitis B Vaccines
  • Tetanus/Diphtheria (and Tdap) Vaccines
  • TB Skin Testing
  • Influenza Vaccines
  • Allergy Injections
  • Referral to College Counseling Services when deemed beneficial for the student

Location: Student Wellness Center is located inside the Louisiana Atheltic Club (LAC) on the 2nd floor.

Hours: R.N. is on duty weekdays from 8:30 am - 4:00 pm, Monday - Thursday (closed Friday). No appointment is necessary. The physician is on campus weekly for clinic.

The Student Wellness Center is open when classes are in session and closed during all college holidays. No on-call nurse or physician is available after hours. The Student Wellness Center is available to all students, residents, and commuters. No fee is charged for routine services. The student is responsible for the cost of prescription medications and x-rays or lab work if ordered. The Student Wellness Center is not a resident facility, nor does it offer primary healthcare. It serves as a referral service and a dispensary for a limited inventory of health supplies and over-the-counter medications.

Students involved in off-campus accidents are responsible for seeking medical care from their personal physicians. The Louisiana Christian University Student Wellness Center cannot accept responsibility for the examination or treatment of victims involved in off-campus accidents.


If you are in need of urgent or emergency medical care after hours, you may contact one of the local walk-in clinics that are staffed with a doctor or nurse practitioner, or go to the emergency room at one of the local hospitals.  You can contact the walk-in clinics at the numbers listed below to obtain directions and office hours.  The walk-in clinics should be able to bill your insurance for the visit.

  • Cenla Occupational Medicine Clinic (318)787-0610 - Pineville
  • Huey P. Long Community Clinic (318)769-5664 - Pineville
  • Incarnate Word Community Clinic (318)448-6800 - Alexandria
  • Rapides After Hours Urgent Care (318)487-1925 - Pineville
  • Premier Urgent Care (318)787 -6877 – Alexandria
  • Premier Urgent Care (318)704-6770 - Pineville
  • Christus Community Clinic (318)528-5000 - Pineville

The local emergency room contact numbers are listed below:

  • Alexandria Emergency Hospital (318)386-8110
  • Rapides Regional Medical Center (318)769-5000
  • Cabrini Hospital (318)448-6750

Medical Records
Immunization for measles, mumps, rubella, hepatitis B, tetanus, and diphtheria is required of all students. Immunization for meningitis is required for incoming freshmen and transfer students. Each new, transfer, or returning student must submit a Health History Record and Proof of Immunization Compliance form to the admissions office. The Health History Record and Proof of Immunization Compliance forms are housed in the Louisiana Christian University Student Wellness Center office. The student medical records are also housed in The Student Wellness Center and may be used in the event of an emergency or released to a physician with the written consent of the student.

Insurance Coverage
It is recommended that students subscribe to an insurance policy of their choice covering hospitalization and surgery. Students are asked to provide a statement of proof of health insurance during registration. The College is not responsible for insuring students or for insurance coverage of those students who fail to subscribe to an insurance program.

Following acceptance for admission, a student who has a physical and/or learning disability that qualifies under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and who desires modifications or accommodations should contact the director of the Program to Assist Student Success for information and guidance - 318 487-7629. This voluntary notification will be helpful in planning suitable accommodations and assuring satisfactory adjustments to the campus environment.

Blood Donor Program
Louisiana Christian University is a member of the Life Share Blood Center Program. The school schedules Donor Days on campus each fall and spring semester.