Student Records

Louisiana Christian University preserves and maintains permanent institution records relating to each student. Information contained in these records can be made available to authorized persons or institutions, as a service to students, in accordance with the following policies:

Location of Student Records

In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, the offices in which student records are maintained, along with the College custodian in charge of the records, are listed below:

Record Includes Custodian Location
Academic course records, grades, transcripts, immunization records Registrar Alexandria HallRoom 146
Admissions  applications, ACT scores, recommendations Director of Admissions and Registrar Alexandria HallRoom 108 or 146
Counseling & Testing test scores, anecdotal records Director of Counseling and Special Services Hixson Student CenterRoom 213
Discipline investigative records, transcripts of hearings, chapel attendance Vice President for Student Development Hixson Student CenterRoom 214
Financial Aid aid applications, financial statements, award letters Director of Financial Aid Alexandria HallRoom 108
Housing room assignments, damage deposit records Director of Residence Life Hixson Student CenterRoom 214
Medical health examinations, medical history, donor records, physicians records Coordinator of Health Services Hixson Student CenterRoom 144
Placement  recommendations, references, resumes  Director of Career Planning and Placement Hixson Student CenterRoom 210