Tudor Hall – Men’s Residence Hall

"Tudor Hall is a majority Freshman dorm that is named after Simon W. Tudor who was a trustee for Louisiana Christian University.  The dorm is a male only dorm and can house 148 men total.  Men who stay in this dorm will have one roommate in the room with them, however private rooms are available.  There are two wings in the building that the male residents can stay in while in Tudor Hall, these wings are Holliday Hall and Lebanon Hall."


Tudor Hall recently underwent a multifold renovation. The refurbishment area includes extensive remodeling to corridors, restrooms, and residents’ rooms in Tudor Hall, whose first-floor lobby and commons area underwent modern upgrades and remodeling in 2017.

Tudor Hall’s rooms feature modular furnishings and modern light fixtures.

Tudor Hall embraces a community atmosphere. Tudor has a newly renovated lobby area equipped with seven 60” flat-screen televisions, Ethernet ports, USB charging ports, vending machines, and a movie room. The movie room features theatre-style seating for 12, surround sound speakers, and a DVD/Blu-ray player. Located on the first floor Holliday Hall and third floor Lebanon Hall are the laundry facilities for the building. They are free to use during the school year but, you must bring your own detergent and dryer sheets. Any item that has an open flame or a hot plate is strictly prohibited.

Eight Resident Assistants (RAs) are located within the dorm to serve the guys’ needs. The first floor has 2, the second floor has 3, and the third floor has 3 RAs; Along with one Residence Director. RAs host events for guys on their wing each semester. Events include game nights, volleyball tournaments, themed parties, and holiday parties.

Holliday Hall

Holliday Hall is named after Zach “Doc” Holliday who was the Head Advisor for Tudor Hall from 1971 to 1980. Males who stay on this wing will have rooms with desks, dressers, beds, and closet space for each resident. These rooms also have a sink and built-in vanity in each room for the residents to use as well. All four of this buildings private rooms are located on this wing as well. The bathrooms on this wing are community style with up to 40 people sharing the restrooms and showers on this wing.

Tudor Hall Amenities

  • Two standard twin beds
  • Two desks and chairs
  • Two closets
  • A sink in each room
  • All rooms have tiled flooring
  • Community bathrooms
  • Vending machines on first floor
  • Wi-Fi
  • Cable television in each room (TV provided by student)
  • Laundry facilities on first and third floor (coinless in the Fall and Spring semesters)
  • Central Air and Heat
  • Recently renovated lobby
  • Movie Room (seats 12, available upon request during open house hours)
  • Keypad on side door of Tudor (only residents will have the code)
  • Occupants per room: 2

Please note that there are 4 designated private room in Tudor Hall. Private rooms are granted on a medical needs basis only.