KZLC Radio

The mission of KZLC-FM is to serve the Louisiana Christian University Student. This service includes but is not limited to campus news, sports, live event coverage, announcements of interest, Christian contemporary music, training in radio communication, and an opportunity to improve individual communication skills.

The station operates 24-hours per day, seven days a week, with a student staff while school is in session. Live programming is supplemented by automated music.

KZLC is licensed for by the Federal Communication Commission as a broadcast station. While it covers the  Pineville/Alexandria area, the primary audience is the Louisiana Christian University community. The station operates with the maximum power permitted by law on the frequency of 95.5 MHZ.

Participation on the staff of Radio LCU is open to any LCU student. The station is completely student operated with students serving as station manager, program director, news director, and announcers. For information about KZLC-FM, contact Jeff Young at 318.487.7321.

Only 100 users are allowed to listen to KZLC at one time. If the connection is refused, there are probably too many users. Try again at another time.