Chapel Policy

Louisiana Christian University Chapel Policy

Revision Effective: 7/3/2018

Louisiana Christian University exists to aid in the transformational process of a student academically, spiritually, and physically. To aid in the spiritual development of a student, the College places a great deal of time and resources into the development of its chapel programming. Chapel services will be each Thursday at 11:00 a.m., along with the possibility of special chapel services on Tuesday and/or Wednesday at 11:00 a.m. each semester in Guinn Auditorium.

All full-time students will earn at least 11 chapel credits each academic semester. Each semester students will attend the mandatory chapels. For the fall semester mandatory chapels include: The first chapelFounders DayValues and Ethics Chapel (Tuesday), and the last chapel of the semester.Mandatory chapels for the spring semester include: The first chapel, God in the Workplace Chapel (Tuesday), Missions Chapel, and Honors Convocation. 

If students do not earn their chapel credits, those students will be placed on Chapel probation. Students on chapel probation must meet chapel attendance requirements while making up for absences below the required attendance level of 11 from the previous semester. Failure to adhere to their probationary requirement will result in a one semester suspension from the College.

Students will also earn 5 spiritual/cultural credits each academic semester. Numerous opportunities for spiritual/cultural credits are available. Student Development provides a list of spiritual/cultural credits throughout the semester. In addition to this list, students can earn spiritual/cultural credits through C3- Christ, Church, and Culture, the Values and Ethics Conference (Fall Semester), and the annual God in the Workplace Conference (Spring Semester). Spiritual/cultural credits cannot be substituted for Chapel credits.

Earphones, cellular devices, & tablets/computers are not allowed during Chapel. Students are to not wear caps or other head gear during Chapel services. Also, students who arrive after 11:00 a.m. will not receive credit for the chapel service. Chapel services consist of a variety of worship experiences featuring speakers, musicians, missionaries, and other people. Services generally conclude by 11:45 a.m. In the rare event that that the service runs late, class times will be adjusted accordingly. Students should mark this time on their schedules when registering for classes. Work schedules on and off campus need to be scheduled in a manner that does not conflict with chapel attendance.

Video or audio-taping of chapel programs by members of the audience are not permitted because it may be a violation of copyright law as well as an infringement on the property rights of the speakers.

Attendance will be taken by scanning or swiping your student ID.  Each student’s ID must be scanned by a monitor before leaving the program.  Only one student ID will be accepted from each student and will be scanned as you exit the building at the close of the program.  No card will be scanned for any student after the monitors leave the building.

Your student ID will also be scanned or swiped to document attendance at spiritual/cultural events at the conclusion of the event.  Students must stay for the entire event to receive credit for attendance.