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A partnership between Louisiana Christian University {LCU) and Central Louisiana Technical and Community College has advantages to both institutions who share commitment to assist students in pursuing their academic and career goals. The purpose of this agreement is to ensure a smooth transfer process for CL TCC students who wish to continue their education and to earn a Bachelor of Applied Science degree at LCU. Louisiana Christian University's Bachelor of Applied Science {BAS) degree is designed for students who have completed an associate of science, associate of applied science, associate of applied technology, or a technology degree and builds on a student's technical expertise and provides the next step to advance a student's careers goals. This program provides the pathway for students to complete the Bachelor of Applied Science degree by allowing students to transfer up to 60 hours of earned credits, 45 of which may be technical and/or approved military or police academy credits. The program requires additional studies in general education courses and other academic courses. LCU's online options provide the flexibility to meet the needs of working adults and transfer students from a variety of technical backgrounds. With an individualized curriculum, students have the option of selecting a combination of stackable microcredentials, certificates, concentrations, or minors to complete the 30 hours needed after all the general education requirements are fulfilled. Emphasis areas are designed to complement career goals and gain higher level positions.

Eligibility and Admissions Requirements

To be eligible to enroll in LCU's BAS program, students must have earned an Associate of Applied Science degree or a technical degree with a cumulative GPA 2.00 at the time of admission.

Transfer Credit

Students may transfer up to 60 hours from an accredited community college (up to 45 hours may be technical credit).

Degree Requirements

To graduate with the Bachelor of Applied Science degree, students must complete the following: •

  • Complete at a minimum 120 credit hours with at least 24 hours of upper-level courses {300/400 or JR/SR hours) •
  • Complete the required university's central curriculum {general education) for the BAS degree. •
  • Complete a minimum of 30 hours at LCU

Graduation Requirements

Students must earn a minimum of 120 credit hours with a 2.0 GPA.

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