Department of Computer Science

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The field of computer science is today's fastest-growing profession. As technology continues to advance rapidly, job offers in computing professions remain high. Computer science career opportunities are available in a huge variety of industry sectors and organizations, including financial organizations, IT companies, management consultancy firms, software houses, multimedia programmers, communications companies, data warehouses, database administrators, multinational companies, governmental agencies, universities, and hospitals.

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science could not be more relevant to the needs of today’s world.  We believe it is vital that those who would be authorized to access and oversee Information Technology should also be trained under the rubric of a Judeo-Christian ethic.  This is why we focus on the maturity of intellect and the maturity of character for our students at LCU. Though personal integrity is important throughout one’s life, it could not be any more important to those who would have access to the kind of sensitive information present in this computer driven age.