Department of Art

The Division of Fine Arts & Media seeks to help students develop their God-given talents in the areas of Music, Art, Theatre, and Journalism with the help of a truly creative Christian faculty.

The Department of Art includes computer graphics labs, ceramics, painting, drawing and design studios, photography, darkroom, woodworking shop and a gallery devoted to student and professional exhibitions. Students are prepared for careers in their respective fields or for graduate studies through a creatively intense program of study.


Visual arts are a necessary and vital part of contemporary society. The Louisiana Christian University Art Department trains students to have a positive Christian impact on society by providing a serious study of the visual arts in all its forms and contexts so that they may more fully dialogue with the professional art world. A series of studio, lecture and seminar courses provide a learning environment for students which nurtures their technical and philosophical skills in a distinctively Christian and academically rigorous environment. These studies develop the aptitudes within students which prepare them for either graduate school or entering directly into the art and design marketplace.