LCU monitoring current weather threats

It is that time of year again. Hurricane season is upon us and we would like you to be prepared. We have been monitoring the weather and based on forecast predictions, we are in the path of the storm. Dr. Brewer and his staff are preparing to keep you safe on campus. Please keep your cellphones charged in case of a power outage.

We ask that you monitor “Wildcat Alert” for up-to-date information. You may also check the Louisiana Christian University website throughout the event and for after-incident actions. Stay informed through local media sources on days when severe weather is expected: A Tornado Watch indicates that conditions are favorable for tornadoes to form. Move inside the nearest campus building until further notice. A Tornado Warning indicates that a tornado has been sighted in the area. Move away from windows, lobbies, commons area, and quickly go to a hallway. Storms can travel quickly. Alert messages may not arrive before an immediate threat. When in doubt, take action! When a Severe Weather or Tornado Warning is issued for the immediate area, go immediately to a safe area of refuge! If dark rolling clouds, unusual lightning, hail, driving rain, a sudden increase in wind (and possibly funnel clouds) are observed, seek safe shelter immediately. Note: These effects may also include a “buzzing” or “roaring” sound.

Ensure that personal communication devices are activated and prepare to receive any Wildcat Alert messages that may be sent. The Campus Security office is manned 24/7. On-duty personnel monitor local broadcast media and emergency communications networks for severe weather alerts. Upon receipt of a severe weather notification, Campus Security will activate the Wildcat Alert system.