MSW Recommendation & Waiver Form

Instructions to Applicant: Please give the names and email addresses of those individuals who will be writing your letters of recommendation. Carefully consider who these individuals will be; they will need to attest to your ability, potential and readiness for graduate education and professional social work practice. A total of three (3) recommendation forms is required for your admission file to be complete. Two (2) recommendations must be Academic (college instructors, internship supervisors) and the remaining one (1) recommendation must be a Professional (Work/Volunteer) Reference. Family friends, clergy, therapist and high school teachers are NOT appropriate. Applicants who have been out of school for 5 or more years and cannot ascertain academic references may substitute other professional recommendations for academic. It is strongly recommended that if an internship was part of the degree program and the internship has been completed at the time of application, a recommendation from the internship supervisor be included as the professional recommendation.

**After you have completed the section below, a link to the electronic recommendation form will be emailed to your recommender.

In accordance with (FERPA) Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, a student has access to their educational record, including letters of recommendation. However, a student may waive the right to review this recommendation, in which case, the letter of recommendation will be held in confidence and not reviewed by the student. Failing to check the appropriate box will automatically waive your access to view this recommendation. Check the appropriate box and sign/type your name below prior to submitting this form.

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