Sarah Payne, Ph.D.

Sarah Payne, Ph.D.

Professor of Chemistry


About Sarah Payne, Ph.D.

Dr. Payne has been teaching chemistry for over a decade.  In her graduate work she studied luminescence instrumentation and photochemistry and she has authored several papers on the subject.  Before coming to Louisiana Christian University she was the Education and Public Outreach Coordinator for the NSF sponsored Center for Chemistry of the Universe and the Department of Chemistry at the University of Virginia.  As part of this program she administrated a research experience for undergraduates that focused on encouraging young underrepresented minorities in chemistry, physics and astronomy. Dr. Payne came to Louisiana Christian University in 2011 and currently holds the rank of Associate Professor of Chemistry.  Her current academic interests include: luminescence instrumentation, art conservation science, food science, chemistry education, and history of chemistry and chemists. She has also worked to charter an agreement with the forestry service so that LCU students can work on research related to wood processing and invasive species investigations. Dr. Payne is married to Chris who is an LCU alumnus and is a History Professor at Pineville Junior High.  Dr. Payne has lots of interests outside of academia including: cooking, hiking, reading, swimming, woodworking, sewing, crafting, flower arranging, and entertaining.


Laser Phosphoroscope and Applications to Room Temperature Phosphorescence.┬áPayne, Sarah J.; Zhang, G.; Fraser, C.; Demas, J. N.; DeGraff, B. A.,┬áJournal of Applied Spectroscopy, 2011, 65(11), 1321-1324. Luminescence Oxygen Sensor Based on a Ruthenium(II) Star Polymer Complex.┬áPayne, Sarah J.; Fiore, Gina L.; Fraser, Cassandra L.; Demas, J. N.┬áAnalytical Chemistry, 2010, 82 (3), 917ÔÇô921. Abnormal Behavior in Stern-Volmer Luminescence Quenching Measurements via Apparent Lifetime Methods.┬áPayne, Sarah J.;┬áDemas, James N.; DeGraff, Ben A.┬áJournal of Applied Spectroscopy. 2009, 63(4), 473-441.


  • Ph.D., Analytical Chemistry, University of Virginia
  • B.S., Chemistry, Milligan College

Academic Programs

  • BS Chemistry
  • BS Chemistry Education