Daniel Moore, Ph.D.

Daniel Moore, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Biology

(318) 487-7191

About Daniel Moore, Ph.D.

Dr. Moore earned his doctorate from LSU in 2015.  At LSU he investigated survival mechanisms of anhydrobiotic species and how these might be applied to preserve mammalian cells and cell components.  His research helped lead to cell preservation techniques applied by top science labs around the world.   Dr. Moore is currently investigating aflatoxin resistance in corn with his father, a plant geneticist based in Baton Rouge.

Dr. Moore has been teaching Science since graduating from LCU in 2006.  He taught classes in Christian private schools before, during, and after graduate school.  While in graduate school, he designed and implemented a new Comparative Physiology Lab for pre-med seniors at LSU.  After graduating he taught Microbiology as an adjunct at LSUA before joining the faculty of LCU in 2017.

Dr. Moore is married to Erin Moore and they have two children, Taylor and Ashton.  Outside of the classroom, Dr. Moore enjoys beach vacations, grilling new meats, working out, reading fantasy novels, and debating about science and theology with his dad.  Dr. Moore leads a Bible Study for LCU and LSUA college students on Sundays at 4 pm at his house that is open to any interested student or faculty.


Moore D.S., Hansen R., and Hand S.C. 2016. Liposomes with Diverse Compositions are Protected during Desiccation by LEA Proteins from Artemia franciscana and Trehalose. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta: Biomembranes. 1858 (1): 104-115.

Moore D.S. and Hand S.C. 2016. Cryopreservation of Lipid Bilayers by LEA Proteins from Artemia franciscana and Trehalose. Cryobiology. 73 (2): 240-247.


  • PhD, Comparative Physiology, Louisiana State University
  • BS, Biology, Louisiana Christian University

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