Field Practicum

The field practicum will be the program’s signature pedagogy. The students’ academic background from the social work curriculum presented in both the generalist year and advanced year will provide them with the theory, knowledge, values, and skills necessary for advanced generalist social work practice. The field practicum component provides an opportunity for students at each level to integrate classroom contributions and practice experience with actual clients to demonstrate the core competencies and related behaviors of the program. Supervised experience at a social service agency provide students with opportunities to synthesize learning experiences gained in the classroom. It also allows students to demonstrate the practice behaviors within the context of practice with individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities. Students will attend an on-campus field orientation seminar at the beginning of their first and third semester, prior to beginning Field Practicum I and III. This orientation will use a variety of learning methods and experiences to prepare generalist and/or advanced year students for their field practicum.

It is the responsibility of the field director to oversee all aspects of the field practicum courses to ensure an integrated educational experience for the students. This includes the recruitment and approval of agencies to serve as field agency sites.

The program is structured for a student to experience field over two to four consecutive semesters, depending on whether in the two year or advanced standing track.